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CCTV                                              POSTED 13/2/2012

Until now CCTV technology has been limited to simply recording a scene for video. However, new technology that can analyse the pitch, tone and intonation of noises is being added to video recording software, which will enable it to determine whether or not the noises pose a threat.


The software goes beyond just inserting a microphone into a video camera. It is able to distinguish whether or not the sound is a threat using sophisticated technology that is not based on just volume. In fact the technology used in the CCTV cameras does not use volume as a trigger at all simply because often the cameras will be placed quite far from actual people and the volume will automatically be lower. Instead the new technology focuses on tone, pitch and intonation to determine the levels of aggression in the voice.



SAVE MONEY ON YOUR LIGHTING                                  POSTED 13/3/2012


Lighting accounts for 8% of a typical household’s energy bills and cutting your lighting bill is one of the easiest ways to save energy and money in the home.

If you replace a traditional light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb of the same brightness you will typically save around £3 per year, or £55 over the life of the bulb.

If you replace a 50W halogen downlighter with a 6W LED you will typically save around £4 per year, or £70 by the time you have to replace the bulb.

Whether you rent or own your property, or live in a house, flat or bungalow, you can save money today by changing the way you use your lights and by fitting new energy-saving lights. Many homes today use a mixture of standard light fittings and halogen downlighters or spotlights (mainly in kitchens and bathrooms). There are low-energy alternatives for both these types of light:

  • Compact fluorescents (CFLs) – these are what most people think of as an energy-efficient light bulb. A cost-effective option for most general lighting purposes, and now widely available.
  • LEDs – even more efficient, and the ideal replacement for halogen downlighters. More expensive than CFLs but save even more money in the long term.

Of course, the easiest way to save on your lighting bill is simply to turn off the light when you’re not using it. You will ALWAYS save energy if you turn the light out when you leave the room, even if it’s only for a minute or two.