Electrical Safety



How to know that your property is electrically safe:


What is an RCD?



This is a switching device that is more sensitive than a normal fuse. It will detect any dangers that arise and switch off the electrics accordingly.

Having RCD’s installed will reduce your risk of electric shocks/electrocution.





Do’s Dont’s: 


  • Do: Keep checking your electrical appliances for any irregularities (Plugs, Wires & Appliances).
  • Don’t: Overload plug sockets with several extension wires.
  • Do: Report any smell of burning coming from your electrics.
  • Don’t: Touch any electrical sockets or appliances if you have wet hands or are standing on something wet.
  • Do: Use the plug to unplug things and not the wire.
  • Don’t: Use appliances outside without proper protection.
  • Do: Check there are no wires directly behind the plaster that you are drilling / hammering into.


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Further Information can be found on:



Safety Statistics: http://www.esc.org.uk/industry/policies-and-research/statistics/

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:



There are many ways to do this, some of which are just simple everyday things.


For Example:


1. Think about your heating – could you reduce it for even just an hour a day?

2. Make sure there is nothing obstructing your heaters.

3. By shutting  your curtains will in turn keep in your heat – but remember not to cover your heaters with your curtains, because this will allow your heat to go straight out of your windows.

4. Don’t set your thermostat higher that what you require.

5. Showers are faster, cheaper and more efficient that taking a bath.

6. Rather than letting the tap run and waste water & money, put the plug in.

7. Fix dripping taps  – it can be worse than you think.

8. Turn things off , not just on standby when not in use. (TV, lights etc.)

9. Keep saucepan lids on when cooking to keep in the heat.

10. Only use the water that you need, boil the kettle with the correct amount of water in rather than filling it each time.

11. Improve efficiency of fridges and freezers by defrosting regularly, keeping away from cookers & let food cool before putting it in the fridge.

12. Ensure your machine is full & use economy programmes when using washing machine.

13. Low energy electrical appliances.


Emergency Call Out Electricians

Unforeseen Electrical Problems can effect your business.

To make sure these are not a problem in future you can Contact Us at A Coole Electrical for an Emergency Call Out to your problem.



School Maintenance South Yorkshire

Electrical Maintenance for schools can often be a nuisance.

However… when you have one company for all your electrical problems it makes it a lot easier.

We at A Coole Electrical can help you. With A Coole Electrical you can have peace of mind knowing that all your electrical worries are covered with one company.



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Security & Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for all types of businesses.













Caravan Parks.












Periodic, Hard Wire & Fixed Wire Inspection & Test.

A Coole Electrical Specialise in Testing of both Domestic & Commercial Properties

As of 1st January 2012, Periodic inspection Reports are no longer used for electrical inspection & Tests. These have been replaced by Electrical Installation Condition Reports, also known as Landlord Certificates.

How often should I have an Inspection & Test? 

Type of Installation Maximum Periodbetween inspection & testing
                                 General Installation                                  
Domestic Change of occupancy / 10 years
Commercial Change of occupancy / 5 years
Educational Establishments 5 years
Hospitals 5 years
Industrial 3 years
Residential Accomodation 5 years
Offices 5 years
Shops 5 years
Laboratories 5 years
                            Buildings open to the public                          
Cinemas 3 years
Church Installations 5 years
Leisure Complexes          (excluding Swimming Pools) 3 years
Places of Public Entertainment 3 years
Resteraunts & Hotels 5 years
Theatres 3 years
Public Houses 5 years
Village Halls/Community Centres 5 years
                                   Special Installations                              
Agricultural & Horticultural 3 years
Caravans 3 years
Caravan Parks 1 year
Highway Power supplies 6 years
Marinas 1 year
Fish Farms 1 year
Swimming Pools 1 year
Emergency Lighting 3 years
Fire Alarms 1 year
Laundrettes 1 year
Petrol Filling Stations 1 year
Construction Site Installations 3 months


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