Electrical Safety



How to know that your property is electrically safe:


What is an RCD?



This is a switching device that is more sensitive than a normal fuse. It will detect any dangers that arise and switch off the electrics accordingly.

Having RCD’s installed will reduce your risk of electric shocks/electrocution.





Do’s Dont’s: 


  • Do: Keep checking your electrical appliances for any irregularities (Plugs, Wires & Appliances).
  • Don’t: Overload plug sockets with several extension wires.
  • Do: Report any smell of burning coming from your electrics.
  • Don’t: Touch any electrical sockets or appliances if you have wet hands or are standing on something wet.
  • Do: Use the plug to unplug things and not the wire.
  • Don’t: Use appliances outside without proper protection.
  • Do: Check there are no wires directly behind the plaster that you are drilling / hammering into.


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Further Information can be found on:



Safety Statistics: http://www.esc.org.uk/industry/policies-and-research/statistics/