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A Coole Electrical offer many services to help reduce your carbon footprint, from new lighting schemes to simply changing the type of lamp you use, we aim to get the lux levels you require, with fittings that look good and will save you money!

For information on government recommended lux levels, visit HERE and go to page 3.


How do energy-saving light bulbs save me money?

Traditional incandescent bulbs only use a small proportion of the electricity they draw to generate light – the rest is wasted as heat. Energy-saving light bulbs, however, use most of the electrical energy they draw to generate light, and very little is wasted as heat.

Therefore switching to energy-saving light bulbs will save you energy and money, and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases thought to be responsible for global warming, so by switching to energy-saving light bulbs you’ll be helping to reduce climate change.


With companies reporting a saving of over 35% in there lighting bills over 5 years, why not call today and grab some of these savings for yourself!


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