PAT Testing – South Yorkshire

Did you know, office equipment (e.g. all computers, printers, laminators, kettles, microwaves etc.) should be inspected and tested annually?

However, all equipment used onsite (e.g. drills, generators, power tools, heaters, etc) should be tested every 3 months?


At A Coole Electrical we use Metrel Gamma PAT testers which are electronic testers, enabling us to download your results to an email certificate format or to disk.


A Coole Electrical can test your equipment for as little as 64p per item, depending on the number of items.


Call the office today on 01226 296425 to schedule your PAT testing. You can even block book your onsite equipment so you won’t have the hassle of rebooking every 3 months or if you prefer we can give you a 3 monthly reminder.

For cost effectiveness on budget on larger PAT Testing orders, we can even offer percentage bookings whereby we will test a percentage of your equipment in the first Month and block book more percentages for following months.