Periodic Testing – Yorkshire

Did you know if your electrical certificate is not in date, your business insurance is void?


Our Periodic Testing starts from as little as £8.95 per circuit.


This includes a fully NICEIC Electrical Installation Condition Report.


All Prices Exclude VAT


This test should be carried out regularly depending on the type of installation.


Installations that should be tested annually or before include:

  • Caravan Parks – Annually
  • Fire Alarms – Annually
  • Swimming Pools – Annually
  • Marinas – Annually
  • Laundrettes – Annually
  • Petrol Filling Stations – Annually
  • Construction Site Installations – 3 Monthly


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PAT Testing – Yorkshire

 PAT Test Barnsley South Yorkshire

Health and Safety regulations recommend that all site equipment should be inspected/tested every 3 months and all office equipment should be inspected/tested annually.

A Coole Electrical offer a selection of options to ensure minimal disruption to your business and to fit around all budgets. From having all your equipment tested at once to breaking up the testing into areas/percentages per month/quarter to suit your business needs.

You can even block book your site equipment testing every 3 months to save you time, or arrange annual block bookings with A Coole Electrical and/or reminders for all other equipment.


We can test any number of items from as little as 64p per item including minor repairs.

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Commercial Car Park Lighting

How could your company benefit from car park lighting?

The main reason most businesses install car park lighting is to improve security, to ensure both customers and employees feel safe walking to and from their vehicles outside daylight hours.

A well-lit car park is also more inviting for potential customers as there is a reduced risk of crime occurring giving customers a reassuring peace of mind about leaving their vehicles in your car park.

Lighting in your car park will help customers to easier identify their vehicles and any obstacles that they may struggle to see in dark conditions, in turn increasing the Safety of all customers, clients & employees.

A Coole Electrical can install & maintain your lighting in all car park types from outdoor to underground and multi-storey car parks and for any business type including retail outlets, schools, office blocks, hospitals, industrial units etc.



Which Car park Lighting will benefit you?

There are many different types of lighting solutions available to suit your needs including:

  • LED floodlights,
  • LED tubes,
  • LED linear strip lights
  • LED canopy lights

Lighting can also come with different features to best suit your individual needs for example:

  • Switch lighting – Lights that can be switched on and off at your convenience to give you control over what hours the lights operate.
  • Motion sensor lighting – only lighting when someone is in the area to benefit from the light and saving you energy and money from not having lights on constantly.
  • Light sensor lighting – automatically turning on when light is at low levels and  switching off during daylight hours to save energy & increase convenience, ensuring car parks are continuously well lit for your customers benefit.
  • Timed Lighting – Set the lights for your business hours, or hours to suit you.


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Electric Heating, South Yorkshire



Why use electric heating?

There are many advantages to electric heating no matter what system you decide to use. These benefits include:

  • No maintenance – with no moving parts electrical systems need virtually no maintenance and have a longer life expectancy than boiler systems
  • Cost effective installation- with no need for a boiler or pipework installation costs are conciderably reduced
  • More efficient – electric systems are more efficient as they directly convert electrical energy to heat
  • Energy efficient/costs – with electricity generated by many methods you can run your heating system in an environmentally  friendly way and without the need for burning a fuel there is no energy wasted. With gas prices rising more quickly than electricity electric systems are more cost effective to run than boiler systems


What type of property is electrical heating suitable for?

Electric heating is suitable for any property including:

  • Domestic – houses, apartments
  • Commercial – offices, shops, hotels
  • Educational – schools, colleges, nurseries
  • Health – hospitals, dental practices, clinics
  • Elderly – nursing homes, care homes, retirement homes



Products available

There are many different sized radiators available to suit your needs as well as a variety of products from the basic analogue thermostat to digital display systems to wireless controlled systems that can be controlled via a smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer etc.


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Underfloor Heating Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Did you know the underfloor heating market has grown by more than 10 times over the last decade.  Could this further improve your home or office?


Benefits to electric underfloor heating

  • It provides even heat in all parts of the room, providing more comfort wherever you are in the room
  • Electrical heating systems require minimal or no maintenance unlike water systems
  • Its a safer form of heating with no risk of leaks, no hot surfaces and no sharp edges
  • It’s simple and quick to install
  • Low running costs with environmental benefits
  • There is no need for radiators, freeing up more wall space

Is this something you need?

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