Underfloor Heating Systems – Yorkshire

Are you looking to upgrade your home heating system?

Electric underfloor heating could be the solution your looking for, with many advantages to upgrading to an underfloor system it’s easy to see why over the last few years it’s becoming the increasingly poplar choice among home-owners.


Benefits of upgrading to Electric Underfloor Heating

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low running costs
  • No maintenance needed, as there are no moving parts such as water pumps
  • Comforting and even heat – underfloor heating heats the whole room with no cold spots
  • No radiators, giving you the freedom of design with no obstructions and more wall space.
  • Energy efficient
  • Added value to properties


Underfloor heating myths 

Its only for kitchen and bathrooms – Underfloor heating can be used in any room or the whole house.

Its not energy efficient – Electrical underfloor heating is more energy efficient than water systems and other types of electrical heating.

It’s expensive – Underfloor heating requires no maintenance and with less energy being used compared with other systems, it has lower running costs.

Floors are uncomfortably hot – floors are warm not hot and with easy to use controls you can accurately set the floor temperature to your preference.

It will raise floor levels – It will not raise floor levels with some systems using wire only 1.6mm thick.


Products Available

With different formats of underfloor heating available to suit all types of flooring, with loose wire and mat based systems available for tile, stone or ceramic flooring and foil systems are more suitable for under carpets, laminate, vinyl and wooden flooring.


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