Construction Line


Great News for us here at  A Coole Electrical

We are proud to announce we are now registered with Construction Line

what is construction line?

It is a national online data base the UK’s largest register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants


Constructionline is a Public-Private Partnership between Capita and the Department for Business Innovation & Skills.

Under Floor Heating


Don’t get caught out this winter with your old home heating system


Why not upgrade to under floor heating?


This could be the solution for you


  • Its Quick and easy to install
  • Has low running costs
  • Energy efficient
  • As there are no moving parts (such as a water pump) its maintenance free
  • Under floor heating heats the whole room with no cold spots
  • Lack of radiators frees up wall space in your rooms
  • Could add value to your property


Under floor heating can be used in every room of the house


To discuss the different formats of under floor heating available to suit all types of flooring


Contact one of our dedicated team today on 01226 296425 or contact us online here    

Periodic Electrical Testing on Domestic Rented Property

Calling all Landlords    


It has been highlighted recently and causing serious concerns amongst electrical contractors over the safety of domestic electrical installations


Prompting calls from communities and local government for regular electrical safety inspections in rented properties


This is causing a real concern as electrical accidents cause more than 350,000 serious injuries each year and causes more than half of all accidental house fires.


However, tenants are most at risk – they are more likely to experience a serious electric shock than home owners and more likely to experience a house fire  there is concerned that unless landlords take action, the situation will further deteriorate.


The problem arises from a lack of understanding over who is responsible for the electrical safety of a private rented property.


Ideally your properties should be checked every 5 years or on change of tenant.


Most properties have wiring over 20 years out of date


If this sounds like your property and you have concerns about your tenant’s safety


Contact one of our dedicated team today on 01226 296425  or contact us on line here to discuss and arrange to have your property tested


Farho Central Heating

Now that autumn is here and the weather turning colder, are you looking to upgrade your heating system?



Here at A Coole Electricals we would recommend Farho central heating as it is highly efficient electric central heating.



The radiators are easily installed, both time and cost is radically reduced from other systems that need pipe work.  Farho electric radiators are ideal for points in the property where pipes are difficult to install.



This system should be considered for saving money, its safety, performance, ease of control, longevity and ease of installation. With focus on renewable energy sources and declining fossil fuels such as gas. It’s fair to predict electrical energy will be more cost effective now and in the future.



  • As safety is important you will find the radiators are fitted with temperature limit and a keypad lock
  • The product shape is designed with soft edges which makes it ideal for families
  • And there is no need for costly service bills as the radiators are maintenance free


Farho electrical radiators are best in their class. That is why we at A Coole Electrical are fitting them on a large contract in Luton and we also have them in our own office

With a combination of high spec materials and clever engineering you get high performance and reliable heating all at the right cost.


Contact one of our dedicated team today on 01226 296425  or contact us on line here to discuss your lighting needs.