Sports Relief Fun Run


It’s over and done, with tired legs and aching knees, we at A Coole have completed our Fun Run for sports relief!

It was a fun day and everybody enjoyed it.

We managed to raise £410 for Sports Relief this year and we owe it all to our sponsors. We would like to thank everybody that contributed to our fundraising and the members of A Coole that took part in the fun run.

We have raised a fantastic amount of money, and we appreciate all the people who sponsored A Coole this year.

So here’s to all those people who sponsored and took part.

Fantastic job! thank you for your part in sports relief, it is much obliged.

Although the fun as all over, it’s not too late to sponsor us. If you would like to sponsor us please visit our giving page by clicking here



This week is the last week of taking sponsors, as on Sunday the 23rd March, we at A Coole are going to be racing to that finish line.

With 10 people from our company taking part in three different runs, we are still under our aim and we would really appreciate your contribution in raising for Sports Relief.

Please, if you would like to contribute in our part for Sports Relief then please visit our giving page by clicking here or follow the links on our website. Thank you

Underfloor Heating


With Winters getting colder and colder as the years keep coming, the money spent on heating will be going through the roof. However there is a more efficient way to save money AND keep your house nice and warm.

Underfloor Heating. An easy to install, pocket saving, electrical mat that heats your floor up from underneath.

When used in the correct way, underfloor heating can be environmental friendly source if heat. 

For more information visit our website for enquiries on installation or contact us on 01226 296 425 

New Builds

We at A Coole have been doing lots of new builds around Yorkshire lately. 

Kick starting 2014 with 3 different companies hiring us for 5 new build sites, the future is looking bright!


At A Coole

We specialise in

 And much more!

If you require any of the work listed above or even something different

Why not give us a call on 01226 296 425 or contact us for enquires, or to speak to one of our specialist team about all your electrical needs


refernce chart

Here is a chart containing ratings, out of 5, which we got back from some of our clients.

Each area got an average rating of 4 and above!

We at A Coole electrical have received great feedback from clients with our great quality, professional work and offer each client that comes our way the same. With every job we try to provide the best possible quality we have to offer.

DO you need work doing, and are looking for great quality professional work?

Then visit us our webpage by clicking here or contact us on 01226 296 425

Home extensions


Whether you require more room for a growing family or a relative is coming to live with you, extensions are a great way to create more room.

Typical home extensions are suitable for bedrooms, dinning room, kitchen and more. Whether they are one story or two. After the build of the extension, the next part is the electrics. 

We at A Coole electrical, can wire, re-wire your new extensions along with any other electric work you require. Mandatory equipment such as heating and lighting. Even the desired things like TV Ariel, Phone line etc can all be included in your extension.

For a quotation click here to visit our website or contact us.

Electric Heaters

Farho heater

When it comes to electric heaters, do you know what you’re really looking for?

Farho heating systems represent over 25 years of research into their heaters. With it also being maintenance free, there’s only a few, if any, other heater out there more energy efficient than this one. The bonus of farho heating is to be able to control your heater with your smartphone, tablet and laptop, meaning you can prepare your house to be comfortably warm, on your journey home, isn’t that just wonderful.

Why electric heating? Well with no maintenance, meaning no burst pipe, floods, and all those that cause massive amounts of damages are out the window. No worries about any maintenance cost. With it also being 100% efficient by directly turning all its electrical energy into heat energy, no energy is wasted meaning less energy is used for better heating!

Then there is the biggest question of them all, Cost.

Gas prices have increased a whopping 92% since 2003, but electricity has only increased by 54%. Yes electric heaters are more expensive however, with a guaranteed 15 years, you will save a ton of money. Recapping on what we’ve discussed. No maintenance, 100% of energy created is used as heat energy. Is there any other better choice?

If you want a survey for your property or to see the benefits by having Farho electric heaters installed.

 Feel free to contact us on or call us on 01226 269 425