Electric Heaters

Farho heater

When it comes to electric heaters, do you know what you’re really looking for?

Farho heating systems represent over 25 years of research into their heaters. With it also being maintenance free, there’s only a few, if any, other heater out there more energy efficient than this one. The bonus of farho heating is to be able to control your heater with your smartphone, tablet and laptop, meaning you can prepare your house to be comfortably warm, on your journey home, isn’t that just wonderful.

Why electric heating? Well with no maintenance, meaning no burst pipe, floods, and all those that cause massive amounts of damages are out the window. No worries about any maintenance cost. With it also being 100% efficient by directly turning all its electrical energy into heat energy, no energy is wasted meaning less energy is used for better heating!

Then there is the biggest question of them all, Cost.

Gas prices have increased a whopping 92% since 2003, but electricity has only increased by 54%. Yes electric heaters are more expensive however, with a guaranteed 15 years, you will save a ton of money. Recapping on what we’ve discussed. No maintenance, 100% of energy created is used as heat energy. Is there any other better choice?

If you want a survey for your property or to see the benefits by having Farho electric heaters installed.

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