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Are You Safe This Christmas?


Only 5 weeks remaining until the holidays are here!


Its time to pull out all of your decorations and light up your living room! But are your appliances safe to be using this Christmas? You can be confident that they are safe by getting them PAT tested by us- we will test the appliances ourselves and tell you if they are safe to use or not, we will also issue you a full report via email detailing the items tested.


We also offer other services useful at this time of year including installation of outdoor plug sockets for all of your outdoor decorations so that you can light up your street safely!


Most people at this time of year have extension leads in their homes and socket adaptors to plug all of their appliances in. Remember not to overload any of your sockets this Christmas by plugging in too many electrical appliances- this is dangerous as overloading sockets is one of the main causes of household fires! Instead why not get another couple of sockets installed. You know they will always come in handy.


For  a no obligation quotation, please contact us on 01226 296425 or through our contact page.


External Security Lighting

dark night



Dark Nights Approaching



Its that time of year  again where it is becoming very dark very early!

Are you prepared? Is your property fitted with external or security lighting?

If you do have external lighting, does it work? Are the lights bright enough? Have you considered using LED’s as they are brighter and more low maintenance than regular fluorescent lamps, so will be very handy at this time of year. You will want to sort any issues now to prevent any accidents from occurring, especially when the snow and ice arrives.

If you don’t  have any external or security lighting, have you ever considered installing it?

Fitting outside lights is just one of the many helpful services that we can provide here at A Coole Electrical to assist you through the dark nights creating peace of