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One of 2013’s big projects

“The level of professionalism and care throughout the electrical

installation provided by A Coole Electrical during the shop fit of our new

Electrical branch in Grantham was exceptional. The attitude and care

shown by their team along with the communication to ensure that the fit

out wasn’t delayed enabled our branch to open a week early. I would

willingly recommend them for any further installations and thank them

for all their hard work and dedication whilst working on our branch.”

An Electrical Wholesale Specialist opening a new branch in our area



Farho Central Heating

Now that autumn is here and the weather turning colder, are you looking to upgrade your heating system?



Here at A Coole Electricals we would recommend Farho central heating as it is highly efficient electric central heating.



The radiators are easily installed, both time and cost is radically reduced from other systems that need pipe work.  Farho electric radiators are ideal for points in the property where pipes are difficult to install.



This system should be considered for saving money, its safety, performance, ease of control, longevity and ease of installation. With focus on renewable energy sources and declining fossil fuels such as gas. It’s fair to predict electrical energy will be more cost effective now and in the future.



  • As safety is important you will find the radiators are fitted with temperature limit and a keypad lock
  • The product shape is designed with soft edges which makes it ideal for families
  • And there is no need for costly service bills as the radiators are maintenance free


Farho electrical radiators are best in their class. That is why we at A Coole Electrical are fitting them on a large contract in Luton and we also have them in our own office

With a combination of high spec materials and clever engineering you get high performance and reliable heating all at the right cost.


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LED Lighting – South Yorkshire

Could your business benefit from updating to LED Lighting?


There are many benefits to updating to LED lighting, for example:


  • LED lighting has a longer life span compared to other light sources.  LED lighting can last up to 50,000 hours plus therefore reducing the rate they will need replacing.
  • LED lighting needs no maintenance, in effect you can just fit and forget.
  • LED produces less heat than the conventional lights operating at less than 60°C which also means improved safety with no burning your fingers.
  • LED is available in a variety of colours to suit your decorative needs, or if you prefer they are also available in the conventional lighting colours.
  • LED use up to 80% less power than a conventional light source saving you energy and money!
  • LED’s don’t contain any toxic chemicals like mercury making them better for our environment.
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Electric Heating, South Yorkshire



Why use electric heating?

There are many advantages to electric heating no matter what system you decide to use. These benefits include:

  • No maintenance – with no moving parts electrical systems need virtually no maintenance and have a longer life expectancy than boiler systems
  • Cost effective installation- with no need for a boiler or pipework installation costs are conciderably reduced
  • More efficient – electric systems are more efficient as they directly convert electrical energy to heat
  • Energy efficient/costs – with electricity generated by many methods you can run your heating system in an environmentally  friendly way and without the need for burning a fuel there is no energy wasted. With gas prices rising more quickly than electricity electric systems are more cost effective to run than boiler systems


What type of property is electrical heating suitable for?

Electric heating is suitable for any property including:

  • Domestic – houses, apartments
  • Commercial – offices, shops, hotels
  • Educational – schools, colleges, nurseries
  • Health – hospitals, dental practices, clinics
  • Elderly – nursing homes, care homes, retirement homes



Products available

There are many different sized radiators available to suit your needs as well as a variety of products from the basic analogue thermostat to digital display systems to wireless controlled systems that can be controlled via a smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer etc.


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Underfloor Heating Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Did you know the underfloor heating market has grown by more than 10 times over the last decade.  Could this further improve your home or office?


Benefits to electric underfloor heating

  • It provides even heat in all parts of the room, providing more comfort wherever you are in the room
  • Electrical heating systems require minimal or no maintenance unlike water systems
  • Its a safer form of heating with no risk of leaks, no hot surfaces and no sharp edges
  • It’s simple and quick to install
  • Low running costs with environmental benefits
  • There is no need for radiators, freeing up more wall space

Is this something you need?

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Domestic Upgrade/Bespoke Automated LED Lighting


  • Upgrade to 17th Edition Regulations.
  • Full/Partial rewires
  • LED/Bespoke automated lighting

LED Lighting



  • Expensive – although initially more than conventional lighting, there is a cost saving in the long run. LED lights have a longer life span than conventional light as well as being cheaper to run and more energy efficient. They also need no maintenance, in effect you can just fit and forget.
  • Too bright – Dimable LED lighting is available to suit your needs



  • Cost effective and energy efficient
  • modernise your home and have the latest showroom finish with LED
  • Available in a wide spectrum of colours and styles to suit your needs.


Products Available:

  • Mini flood/outside lights
  • Spotlights and downlights
  • Floor/decking lighting
  • Wall lights
  • Under cabinet and strip lights
  • and much more

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LED Lighting – Yorkshire Electrician

LED Lighting For Your Commercial Property?

 If your business is still using incandescent downlights or Halogen track lighting, you’re just burning up money. Most of the energy emitted from incandescent bulbs (yes, Halogen bulbs are considered an incandescent light source) is converted to heat instead of light. That’s why you’ll burn yourself if you try to touch a traditional light bulb. 

What if you could go years without having to change a burned out light? Most LED lights are designed to last on average 40,000 and 50,00 hours, that means you could leave them on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and they could last more than 5 years!


Don’t believe all the light bulb jokes out there. Changing a light can be tricky if you’re running a hotel, restaurant or retail business. Often you have to wait until there’s a lull in business to break out a ladder or a lift to change a bulb. We’ve heard stories of hotels bringing in a crew with a scissor lift in the small hours of the morning, when lobby traffic was low, to change hard to reach bulbs. That’s too much trouble to have to go through on a regular basis, not to mention expensive. With long-lasting LED lights, you can cut back on lighting maintenance, freeing up your employees to focus o other more pressing tasks.

In most applications there is a retrofit LED option available, from incandescent GLS lamps to decorative candle lamps there is now a LED equivalent available. There are a varying spectrums of colour now available so the harsh LED light of the early days is no longer a problem. In some cases like GU10/MR16 Halogen downlights there may be a need for a minor adaptation to enable a LED install. All of the above leads to a cost effective option when looking to cut cost on your energy bill and of course your carbon emissions



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Energy Saving Lighting – Yorkshire Electrician

 Low Energy Lighting



A Coole Electrical carries out lighting installations throughout a broad spectrum of areas.

Whether it be track display & architectural lighting for shopping centres, recessed modular lighting systems for office and classrooms or high pressure discharge lighting for carparks and warehouses. We have the knowledge and skills to suit your needs.



As well as the standard lighting services, A Coole Electrical offer bespoke solutions to enable maximum energy savings from each individual application.

As we appreciate every building is different ion size, layout, has different uses and vary in levels of occupancy at different times of the day.


We can offer installation that is versatile to any building and application, by using intelligent design and the latest in LED, fluorescent and sensor technology. This enables us to offer maximum energy savings by pinpointing occupancy and natural daylight levels, without any compromise on any quality of light.

We offer a design service at no cost, also including an energy consumption report on both existing and proposed lighting installations. A return on investment can also be produced upon request.



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Electrician in Barnsley – Energy Saving Ideas – Barnsley Electrician

A Coole Electrical offer many services to help reduce your carbon footprint, from new lighting schemes to simply changing the type of lamp you use, we aim to get the lux levels you require, with fittings that look good and will save you money!

For information on government recommended lux levels, visit HERE and go to page 3.


How do energy-saving light bulbs save me money?

Traditional incandescent bulbs only use a small proportion of the electricity they draw to generate light – the rest is wasted as heat. Energy-saving light bulbs, however, use most of the electrical energy they draw to generate light, and very little is wasted as heat.

Therefore switching to energy-saving light bulbs will save you energy and money, and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of the main greenhouse gases thought to be responsible for global warming, so by switching to energy-saving light bulbs you’ll be helping to reduce climate change.


With companies reporting a saving of over 35% in there lighting bills over 5 years, why not call today and grab some of these savings for yourself!


Call the obvious choice for customer service and professionalism backed up with an NICEIC Accreditation!

A Coole Electrical Limited

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Barnsley Electrician – Energy Saving Initiatives

Major Benefits of using LED


LED (Lighting Emitted Diode) are considered to be the latest cutting edge lighting technology, it is an alternative to traditional light sources. Today’s LED has already exceeded the values of halogen and incandescent lamps. In the very near future the light output and efficiency will approach that of fluorescent lighting. LEDS are very efficient light source with many benefits.

Long Lifetime:

LED has longer lifetime compared to conventional light source.  LED will last up to 50,000 hours therefore replacing them is not needed often.



Unlike bulbs or fluorescent, LED cannot be affected by shaking and vibrating.  Also, LED’s emit of light won’t wavered like the others.  This could certainly help in the automotive and marine world.

Athermancy and No UV:

LED produces less heat than the conventional lights.  LED is operating at less than 60°C.   No burning fingers which means more safety.  Also, LED produces No UV that makes it great for lighting precious artefacts or paintings.



It is available in a variety of colours; it does not need a colour lenses to change colours.  It saves lots of energy and cuts down tremendously on material cost.  It is perfect for decorative purpose. For example, LED wall lightingis great for making your home look great!


Ultra Low Power:

Save up to 80% power usage by replacing a conventional light source with LED lamp.  Efficiency:  LED uses much less power vs. incandescent light bulb (normally 80% less).  Input: 100v – 240v, output: DC12v – DC24v.


LED Lamps comparison with conventional halogen lamps

Solid State Technology:LED is actually a semiconductor.  Unlike the other light sources, LED can easily be produced and its functions can be controlled with a processor to achieve unique lighting effects.


Instantly Lighting up:

LED turned on in full brightness hundred times faster than conventional light source.  It makes them more noticeable when used for directional or taillights.  Most luxury car manufacturers have realized that LED lamp is more noticeable.  LED is blink more solid and can be brighter if used properly.  Many Law enforce the ambulances, fire engines, police vehicles etc change their lights to LED technology for the same reason.


Less Wiring:

Lower operational voltage & amperage reduces line voltage drop.  That means LED has less wiring cost and brighter lights.



LED is Water proof by itself.




LED is deteriorating very little degradation compared to conventional light source.  First 1000 hrs that light lost will be under 2%.

Good for The Environment:

It does not contain mercury and pollutants which is good for our environment.


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