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Safe Christmas Decorations

Indoor Christmas Lights


Outdoor Christmas Lights



Are You Safe This Christmas?


Only 5 weeks remaining until the holidays are here!


Its time to pull out all of your decorations and light up your living room! But are your appliances safe to be using this Christmas? You can be confident that they are safe by getting them PAT tested by us- we will test the appliances ourselves and tell you if they are safe to use or not, we will also issue you a full report via email detailing the items tested.


We also offer other services useful at this time of year including installation of outdoor plug sockets for all of your outdoor decorations so that you can light up your street safely!


Most people at this time of year have extension leads in their homes and socket adaptors to plug all of their appliances in. Remember not to overload any of your sockets this Christmas by plugging in too many electrical appliances- this is dangerous as overloading sockets is one of the main causes of household fires! Instead why not get another couple of sockets installed. You know they will always come in handy.


For  a no obligation quotation, please contact us on 01226 296425 or through our contact page.


External Security Lighting

dark night



Dark Nights Approaching



Its that time of year  again where it is becoming very dark very early!

Are you prepared? Is your property fitted with external or security lighting?

If you do have external lighting, does it work? Are the lights bright enough? Have you considered using LED’s as they are brighter and more low maintenance than regular fluorescent lamps, so will be very handy at this time of year. You will want to sort any issues now to prevent any accidents from occurring, especially when the snow and ice arrives.

If you don’t  have any external or security lighting, have you ever considered installing it?

Fitting outside lights is just one of the many helpful services that we can provide here at A Coole Electrical to assist you through the dark nights creating peace of



This week is the last week of taking sponsors, as on Sunday the 23rd March, we at A Coole are going to be racing to that finish line.

With 10 people from our company taking part in three different runs, we are still under our aim and we would really appreciate your contribution in raising for Sports Relief.

Please, if you would like to contribute in our part for Sports Relief then please visit our giving page by clicking here or follow the links on our website. Thank you

New Builds

We at A Coole have been doing lots of new builds around Yorkshire lately. 

Kick starting 2014 with 3 different companies hiring us for 5 new build sites, the future is looking bright!


At A Coole

We specialise in

 And much more!

If you require any of the work listed above or even something different

Why not give us a call on 01226 296 425 or contact us for enquires, or to speak to one of our specialist team about all your electrical needs


refernce chart

Here is a chart containing ratings, out of 5, which we got back from some of our clients.

Each area got an average rating of 4 and above!

We at A Coole electrical have received great feedback from clients with our great quality, professional work and offer each client that comes our way the same. With every job we try to provide the best possible quality we have to offer.

DO you need work doing, and are looking for great quality professional work?

Then visit us our webpage by clicking here or contact us on 01226 296 425

Home extensions


Whether you require more room for a growing family or a relative is coming to live with you, extensions are a great way to create more room.

Typical home extensions are suitable for bedrooms, dinning room, kitchen and more. Whether they are one story or two. After the build of the extension, the next part is the electrics. 

We at A Coole electrical, can wire, re-wire your new extensions along with any other electric work you require. Mandatory equipment such as heating and lighting. Even the desired things like TV Ariel, Phone line etc can all be included in your extension.

For a quotation click here to visit our website or contact us.

PAT Testing


For those who don’t know, PAT testing is a term used to describe the examination of electrical appliances and equipment in ensure they are safe.

The frequency of inspection and testing depends really on the equipment. Some appliances are used a lot more often than others and therefore require a short length of time between each inspection.

If you require your electrical appliances and equipment testing to ensure they are safe, and you are fulfilling your legal requirements

then contact us by clicking here or call us on 01226 296 425

Intruder alarms

The Police say that studies have shown a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary.



 But how do you choose the right one for you and your home? Give us a call at A Coole Electrical to talk through the different types of alarm systems we could install for you or even just to have your existing alarm serviced.



Your peace of mind is important to us here at A Coole Electrical

We want your home or property to be safe and secure over this festive season, give one of our team a call 01226 296425 or contact us on here




Testing & Inspections in South Yorkshire

Testing & Inspections in South Yorkshire


Regular electrical testing and inspections can help prevent fire in your home or workplace and can potentially save lives.

A Coole Electrical can carry out an inspection of your electrical installation and provide you with an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

If you are a landlord we can provide you with a landlord certificate confirming that the property for which you are responsible is safe for habitation.

For commercial properties and properties with public access it is mandatory that a periodic EICR is obtained.



Visual inspections:

A Coole Electrical will carry out a survey of the electrical installation prior to commencing any electrical testing. This visual inspection will highlight any defects including cracked devices, incorrect installations, faulty wiring etc.



PAT testing:

PAT (portable appliance testing) is a vital part of health & safety in the workplace. This  is electrical equipment such as kettles, fans and computers which may be used in the workplace.

HSE guidance notes advise “regular testing” – generally regarded as annual testing.

If you rent out a property then PAT testing is mandatory to ensure that your property is safe for habitation

A Coole Electrical will be pleased to carry out this testing for you and provide a landlord certificate.

Contact one of our team today on 01226 296425 or contact us on line here to discuss your testing needs


Reducing energy use makes perfect business sense


As you know last week the clocks went back and the days got shorter, this creates the demand for artificial lighting within commercial properties.


Whilst it’s accepted that more lighting is required throughout the darker days, wasted energy is still a huge issue that needs to be tackled throughout the UK. The correct lighting in the workplace is essential and improves the alertness and accuracy of those working in it


In a recent survey it was found that 60% of us leave lights on when not in the room! That’s a shocking statistic.


Although the biggest excuse for this is to ward off intruders one in 8 just said they just forgot!


Lighting is one of the biggest users of electricity in the workplace so why not up grade


If you do need to leave the lights on, make sure you switch to energy-efficient LED lighting

Or fit motion sensors to your lights so they turn off when no one is in the room


Contact one of our dedicated team today on 01226 296425  or contact us on line here to discuss your lighting needs